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    ANPR parking management system

Simple group based access management for your parking lot using ANPR software.

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What exactly is Autlo Parking Management System?

Tired of dealing with parking permits, outdated access cards, and frustrated tenants?

The Autlo Parking Management System is here to simplify your parking management experience with its automatic Number Plate Recognition (LPR/ANPR) technology.

Say goodbye to manual access control and hello to a seamless, efficient, and cost-effective parking lot management software for your office building.

Save time and let your parking lot manage itself

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Tenants manage their own parking

Sort your tenants into groups with fixed number of permits and let them manage their parking spaces. Manage groups and permits in a platform that suits your needs.

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Automatic Gate Access Control

Autlo ANPR system is a number plate scanner that automatically opens the gate only to users who have free spaces left in their group. No keycards, no administration. App backup and technical support for any unexpected occurrences.

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Fast upgrade to your current system

Your self-managing parking lot is only two easy steps away. Just connect any camera to Autlo ANPR device and your car park gate to Autlo Gate Controller. It’s just that simple! 

Why upgrade your system with Autlo?

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ANPR parking management system offers a budget-friendly, seamless integration for your existing parking infrastructure. Requiring minimal hardware upgrades, it works with a wide range of affordable cameras. Autlo provides the ANPR device and gate controller, allowing you to utilize your current gate/barrier and camera setup for a hassle-free experience.

Simple Administration

Autlo's parking system software takes the complexity out of parking management by offering a straightforward administration experience. Our platform enables parking lot managers to effortlessly assign access rights and monitor parking sessions with just a few clicks. Save time and resources while maintaining full control over your parking lot operations with the simplicity and efficiency of Autlo's parking management software.

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Reliable Backup

In the situation where a vehicle's plate is obscured by dirt or snow, the Autlo app ensures a seamless parking experience. Tenants can use the app to initiate a parking session and open the barrier, providing a smooth and convenient solution for everyone.


Our car park management software is a versatile and scalable parking solution designed to adapt to your specific needs. Autlo can provide you with a range of modules should you require a more comprehensive car park management system. By offering a flexible, modular approach, Autlo Access ensures you have the right tools at your disposal, delivering a truly tailored parking management experience for your business.

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Transparent Pricing

Small parking lot


every month

  • One gate

  • Anpr for 2 cameras

  • Up to 20 parking spaces

  • Up to 5 groups

  • App backup

  • Technical support

Medium parking lot


every month

  • Up to 2 gates

  • Anpr for 2 cameras

  • Up to 50 parking spaces

  • Up to 25 groups

  • App backup

  • Technical support

  • Paid permits module

  • Billing report

Custom Package


every month

  • Custom gates

  • Custom cameras

  • Custom parking spaces

  • Custom groups 

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